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Biola in the News

  •  — CCCU

    Dr. Nancy Yuen, professor of sociology, spoke in an interview with the CCCU on navigating the complex calling of being an academic mother. The interview was about the book "Power Women" that Yuen as well as many other Biola female professors contributed to.

  •  — Christian Scholar's Review

    Dr. Tim Muhelhoff, professor of communication, references in this Christian Scholar's Review blog post the historic WWI truce that occurred during Christmas time where a German soldier put down his rifle and approached the British side and was met in the middle by an unarmed British soldier. This led to a truce where the soldiers put aside their differences and disagreements to enjoy something together.

  •  — Grunge

    Dr. Ken Berding, professor of New Testament, wrote a blog post that was quoted in this Grunge article, noting that the shortest verse in the Bible is John 11:35, "Jesus wept."

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